About The Company


Have you been having weight loss on your mind for some time now? The reason for putting on a little more weight than we must be carrying is a risk that affords every one, every single person. So, what do we do to keep ourselves in check? Welcome to the app that will tell you exactly what you must do to be able to meet your weight loss target.

The target everyday:

We know that every journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. The motivation and the inspiration to take a plunge in to the journey of turning out a fitter you and a stronger you is what we like to inculcate because there is o better wealth than health itself. While there are programs across the country that focuses on targets that need to be met monthly or biannually, we are different; we have a daily target to meet. The idea of breaking up the challenge into everyday is to make sure that the bite size challenges are easier to tide over and the effect is cumulatively so big that it is unfathomable by you. You will see at the end of six months a newer and a better you!

Diet is extremely important:

More than working out, the diet is extremely important. Up to 85 percent of the weight loss is brought about with the right kind of changes in the diet. We will monitor the diet that you follow and suggest you ways to firstly trim the extra transfats from your daily food and secondly to add such foods that will not only curb your appetite but also help in mobilizing the extra fats in your body into energy.

The holy grail of weight loss:
We are extremely impressed with this South American fruit called the Garcinia Cambogia and we will recommend it highly in case you are getting on to our program. The result of adding this fruit to your diet is so encouraging that you will be thankful to yourself for joining us in your journey from fat to fit.