The small things that can make a big difference


Someone has rightly said, “it is not the big things but the small things that really matter.” And I can vouch for this that when we are trying to accomplish something as big as losing the pounds of weight that we carry around us, the best approach to losing it all is to do it slowly and steadily. There is no quick fix in the world worth the try and the trouble.

The quick fixes can be a dangerous thing:

I have heard instances of operations that were meant to remove the excessive fats for m the body going so awry that it is fatal. I mean why would anyone want to go under the surgeon’s knife when all you need to take is a few concerted steps to be able to either limit your diet or to take one step each day towards a healthier lifestyle?

The diet vs. exercise conundrum:

Research is able to finally back the claim that the weight loss of a person largely depends on the diet to the extent of 80%. That means that if a person chooses to be careful with what he puts into his mouth and also simultaneously takes a concerted effort at leading a healthy, active and a stress free life, he or she can lose weight in much lesser time than they anticipate. And additionally, also be able to sustain the weight loss. Because there is no point if the weight that you lost over a period of time with so much of effort comes back around you in lesser time than you actually took to shed it. That would be the worst kind of nightmare for anyone. It will put you back in the first square again. And I know how de-motivating it would be to start all over again!

Start small:

In the beginning you need to first chart out what your ideal weight must be. To calculate your ideal weight you will need to find out the exact weight that is recommended for your height and gender. There is a scientific chart that you may find on the internet. Once you know exactly your ideal weight you need to calculate how much it is that you need to reduce form your present rate. Now, you need to note down what kind of strategies you are going to employ to be able to lose them. like said already, diet definitely counts big so you will need to trim your diet excessively well to be able to ensure that you get your daily dose of energy as well as not end up eating more calories than required.



Simultaneously, you need to also exercise so that you are sure that you are also burning away the extra fat cells that line your body in the problem areas. Usually, the fat cells love to encroach areas like the belly, the buttocks, the thighs and the hips. But they are subjective. A lot of people have them around their arms or it show s well on their face.

Avoiding food that is bad for health:

Sugars, fried stuff and food with too much of transfats are totally to be avoided. Restaurant food is bad because the usage of wrong type of oil cannot be ruled out.


There is a world of difference in the calorie count when you make the same food in your own kitchen. Steamed, grilled and baked food with simply not too much of transfats is the best way to go. You could binge once a week but not too often.

And additionally you must ensure intake of fresh fruits in place of juices and raw veggies which are nicely washed. You may want to check out the addition of a new revolutionary anti fattening fruit called the Garcinia Cambogia. I thought I really lost a lot of weight when I tried it.


You could give up on alcohol if you could. It is estimated that only one glass of beer contains about 500 calories. But if you think that it is too much for you to give up then you could at least regulate your consumption. Because honestly how many would us want to bear the brunt of a few happy moments for the rest of our lives.

The burden of carrying too much weight around us can be pulling us down and making us less effective in our day to day endeavors. So, why not take a few healthy steps and live life fully than indulge and be sad in the end?!